Public Speaking & Workshops

Dynamic and engaging, Kevin Hennah’s keynote presentations and workshops are a visual feast of images of both innovative new libraries and makeovers achieved with his support. More than just theory, all workshops and presentations have an emphasis on practical application, include hundreds of inspirational images as well as impressive statistics from libraries that have implemented Kevin’s ideas.

“I’m horrified by the idea that somebody might look at their watch during my presentation, so I’m committed to delivering presentations that are not just fast-paced and informative, but fun and inspirational. Most importantly, I want everybody to leave with an overwhelming sense of excitement for the positive changes that are within their reach as innovation doesn’t hinge solely on budget” – Kevin Hennah

Whether planning a conference or professional development day, timing and content can be tailored around your needs. With thousands of impressive photographs of design and makeovers and an extensive suite of past workshops and presentations, Kevin can tailor content to your needs and available time, Contact Kevin Hennah for inspiration or to discuss your ideas.

Drawing inspiration from international retail trends, art galleries, museums and other cultural hubs, Inspired Libraries highlights that we must look outside our industry to drive innovation.  Exploring promotion, marketing, display and overall image, Inspired Libraries is a showcase of creativity. Whether planning a new build,  refurbishment or simply seeking an injection of realistically achievable ideas, this presentation is loaded with impressive, yet achievable cutting-edge initiatives. 

As the name suggests, the content is designed to inspire and importantly,  highlight that creative thinking can be more powerful than funding!

Forthcoming Events – Open to Registration:
Sydney, Australia: 28th August 2019
Adelaide, South Australia:  5th September 2019



“Change is inevitable. Maintaining relevance is a matter of choice”

As such, it is critical libraries develop a future plan – a vision of how the space, technology and collection will evolve in order to obtain the support necessary to meet current and emerging needs.

VISION 2020 is ideal for anyone planning or seeking inspiration for a new build or reinvigoration of an existing space. Showcasing realistically achievable innovation and challenging traditional ideas, VISION 2020 fuses highly practical advice with hundreds of photographs of Kevin’s recent international projects in both education and public libraries. Be inspired by ideas on:

– Layout and shelving initiatives that are proven to significantly increase usage stats
– Integration of technology
– Contemporary seating solutions and learning spaces
– Creating future-focused educational libraries that have a viable point of difference (where applicable)
– Innovate signage solutions
– Contemporary, library-specific promotional strategies

Gather your team or invite neighbouring libraries to share the cost of these dynamic workshops that include hundreds of inspirational photographic images Kevin Hennah has taken at libraries across Europe, The USA, The UAE, Asia and Australia.

Contact Kevin for more information or to have him present at your conference.

“Powerful – cutting edge ideas for Librarians – Timely and needed”
Michelle Davis. Rockridge Secondary School. West Vancouver. CANADA 

“We are planning a new secondary library vision and space, so this was very helpful and inspiring – I will push the boundaries and create a vibrant space!”
Nerilee Hall. International Christian School. HONG KONG

“Extremely inspirational and chock-full of creative and ‘do able’ ideas!”
Jaya Van Praagh. Southpoint Academy. Vancouver. CANADA

“Thank you for a superb workshop, I’ve learned so much! I must say that this was the best workshop & PD that I have ever been to”
Sarah Handley. Prem International School, Chiang Mai. THAILAND

“Fantastic!!! The best PD day I have ever attended!”
Benjamin Farr. Tanglin Trust School. SINGAPORE

“Invigorating – Professional – Creative – Timely – Thought-provoking – Spot-on!”
Carol Clark. American International School of Dhaka. BANGLADESH

“The span of topics and ways to make over a library, as well as the range of topics (size & cost) were exceptional” Maria McShane. Colorado Library Consortium. USA “This is truly the most relevant workshop I have ever been to. It has given direction on where I need to head”
Dot Gorman. Mount barker Community College. WA. AUSTRALIA

“A truly fantastic learning experience. A great opportunity to break out of ‘old’ mode and present a new 21st Century Library”
David Griffiths. Fairfield City Libraries. NSW. AUSTRALIA

“Beyond my high expectations. Provoking me to action”
Amanda Bond. Istanbul International Community School. ISTAMBUL

“This workshop lived up to expectations and provided enough ideas to keep going for years”
Lynne Starrenburg. International School of Eindhoven. NETHERLANDS

“Many thought-provoking ideas. Kevin is one of the most enjoyable presenters I’ve heard”
James Pakala. Covenant Theological Seminary. St Louis. Missouri. USA

“Pertinent, professional, perceptive, thoughtful and targeted presentation. One of the most informative and educational days”
Allan Caddy. Bassendean Memorial Library. WA. AUSTRALIA